About Us

Trilby Fairfax M.A. and Peter Dellensen are the co-founders of Transforming Dialogue which offers trainings and consultations to promote deep transformation and to enhance soul-quality dialogue within and between people. Together with their staff they run the different courses and trainings around specific themes associated with the work. Both are very experienced trainers who have qualified in Transformational Psychology at the ITP in Holland and with Hal and Sidra Stone, the founders of Voice Dialogue. They work internationally with Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves and with Family Constellations. They have worked together as a couple for more than twenty years and they give three year training courses teaching Voice Dialogue to students in both England and Holland.
They have worked on different occasions in the US, the UK, France and Holland as co-trainers with Hal and Sidra Stone, the founders of Voice Dialogue. They have trained extensively in the Hellinger method (systemic work using constellations)) with Hunter Beaumont, Gunthard Weber and Haidi Baitinger. This experience has consolidated and deepened during the last ten years by regular training in a constellation intervision group in Holland.

Trilby and Peter have also developed their own unique method integrating Voice Dialogue into the systemic work. In their trainings they offer constellation work with both the outer and inner family.

Peter also has ten years experience in the practice of Tibetan Buddhism: this knowledge and experience is an important basis for his approach to the work. His background as language and drama teacher in schools and at a teacher training college gives him a strong foundation in language expression and in social and emotional skills. He specialises in relationship work, and has his own practice using Voice Dialogue for individual and couple sessions and coaching.

Trilby is a qualified health psychologist working within the health care system in Holland, and also at the Penninghame clinic in London and at Body, Mind, Spirit in Dorchester. She combines her background as a musician, her long experience and training with voice liberation (Roy Hart Theatre) and her knowledge and experience of body and energy work in a unique way within her work. She has her own practice as therapist and energy coach using Voice Dialogue as her main tool for exploration and facilitation during the consultations.

Trilby is also  qualified in Pesso therapy and she uses this in her private practice as well as in training situations.