What is Transforming Dialogue?

Transforming Dialogue offers trainings, courses and consultations to promote deep transformation and to enhance soul-quality dialogue within and between people.

The main tools used by Transforming Dialogue are Voice Dialogue, systemic work, Pesso Psychomotor therapy and energy coaching. The aim is to enable you to free yourself from old entanglements and learn to communicate and make choices from an empowered position.

Knowing and experiencing

The foundation of the work of Transforming Dialogue is the combination of knowledge and experience.This is a potent combination essential for the development of true inner power.

Our existence as a human being takes place on different planes: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These different levels can be distinguished, but at the same time they represent irrevocabley interconnected forces within us. By knowing and experiencing these different forces in ourselves, both seperately and as a whole we give space to that which motivates us on a deeper level within our selves and in interaction with others.


Every single moment, every new experience means a moment of choice. Choice is how we give direction to our lives. Depending on what stage you are at in your development, this direction can result from a blind choice made on the basis of old habits to a conscious choice made on the basis of a new realisation. The latter we call empowered.


Often you know what you want, but you cannot seem to mould your life in a way to help you reach your goal. You feel caught in habits and ways of acting and interacting which are pulling you in a different direction. We call these counterforces. Developing inner power means that step by step you learn to recognise and acknowledge the hidden counterforces that are working inside you. This gives you more freedom to choose what you really want. Old patterns and ways of thinking and acting no longer rule the roost.


Often we attempt to solve misunderstandings and conflicts in our communication with others by using more words. We assume that a good talk is needed to help clear the air. This sometimes helps, but often makes things worse by widening the gulf. Our words often do not begin to express what is really going on inside. Transforming Dialogue is directed towards both the words and that which is left unsaid, and towards the relationship between the two.

Inner Dialogue: uncharted territory.

Each of us has our own inner dialogue within ourselves, a largely uncharted territory which is nevertheless going on almost all of the time, and has an enormous influence on how we think and act, how we function in the world, and how we communicate.

We are often full of unexpressed desires and unconscious emotions. The chattering mind may be totally out of control a lot of the time, or our thoughts about ourselves unrealistic or even negative and destructive. We use mental images to make implicit assumptions, we operate from deep belief systems without realising.

This complex inner world colours and influences the dialogue with others while it is taking place. This means that our communication often goes in the wrong direction or gets out of control as the uncharted territory takes over in spite of ourselves.

By getting to know our inner world we can start to become conscious and learn to improve and transform the quality of our communication with others.