Training in Voice Dialogue: Skills for transformation and awareness

The Training consists of 4 weekends (Friday 8.30 pm – Sunday 6pm).

  • November 17 – 19  2017 Introduction 
  • 2018 February 2 – 4 , April 20 22, July 6 – 8

For further information and bookings: Peter or Trilby 01305 889243 or 07969076934 / 07971759717;  or

Since 2001 Transforming Dialogue,  run by it’s co-founders Peter Dellensen and Trilby Fairfax, has offered training courses for personal process and professional skills in the South West. The main approach used in these trainings is ‘the Psychology of Selves’, using Voice Dialogue as the tool.

The Psychology of Selves is a person centred approach developed in America in the 1980’s by therapists Hal and Sidra Stone who started to ‘dialogue’ the different inner voices in each other as a way of gaining clarity around issues in their own relationship. They soon realized the enormous potential of the tool they had stumbled upon in this way, and went on to develop the communication method Voice Dialogue as a training in self knowledge and conscious transformation based on the concept that our personality is made up of different parts.

This open, fresh approach gives a new perspective on change and leads to enormous and exciting revelations about the different selves: a journey of discovery into yourself as you meet and get to know the different inner voices, some of which have never before had a chance to speak out. These selves are not merely concepts. We experience them constantly on a practical level in daily life and we actually follow their rules and live according to their belief systems without really knowing and understanding what is happening!

Taking time and space to get to know the different opposing selves enables us to become more aware and thus to create space for freedom of choice. Learning more and more to live with this tension of opposites, in Voice Dialogue terms we develop an ‘Aware Ego process’: this represents a central position from which we can interact with the world, standing in balance between different selves, honouring them, perceiving their sometimes mutually exclusive needs, and taking action based on wholeness and integration rather than duality, control and repression.

Becoming more aware in this way is a life-long process of unfolding. Transforming Dialogue encourages and inspires connection with a full range of selves from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes), thus enabling us to transform old patterns and belief systems into inner awareness in a very practical way.  Based on a clear, flexible model of consciousness, and mainly focused in the here-and-now, Peter and Trilby’s approach is largely experiential, also incorporating ideas such as The power of Now (Tolle), Focusing (Gendlin) and Mindfulness (Kabat-zin).

Peter and Trilby both trained in Holland and with Hal and Sidra Stone. They have more than 25 years experience with the Psychology of Selves and they guide the process in a gentle, humorous and inspiring way. Transforming Dialogue offers different courses and trainings for counsellors, trainers and non-professionals.

Trilby is a qualified health psychologist also trained in voice therapy. She developed her own method to integrate this work within the Psychology of Selves. She has also specialised in Family Constellations and more recently has qualified in Pesso psychotherapy.

Peter specialises in family constellations and voice drama, a combination of psychodrama and Voice Dialogue. He has ten years intensive experience and training in Tibetan Buddhism (Dzogchen) and he uses this knowledge as a basis for his work.

Both Trilby and Peter have their own practice for individual and couple sessions, training and coaching. Working with the dynamics of  relationships in work and in private has their special interest. The creative element is also an important part of their skills: they use movement, drama, writing, singing and art work to enrich the process.

The Trainings are held at ‘Blagdon Hill’, Martinstown, near Dorchester in Dorset.

You can stay overnight at Blagdon Hill or at neighbouring accommodation.

Lunches on Saturday and Sunday are included, and the lunch breaks are long enough to relax, socialise, go for a walk or have a swim in the pool.

Blagdon Hill, Martinstown, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 9HY ,