Transforming Dialogue  offers trainings in the Psychology of Selves and Aware Ego (Voice Dialogue) , Pesso therapy,  Family Constellations, Inner Constellations, and Embodied Imagination (dream work).

We will give you a certificate of attendance for the amount of hours you follow the training.

Next to the trainings you can do two facilitation tracks ( Otter and Snow Lion ) and a practitioners track ( Eagle). The track consist of modules and we will give you a certificate when you’ve done them.

The next Voice Dialogue  weekend is 16 –  18  November 2018

Information and booking: contact Peter or Trilby tel. 01305- 889243 for any questions and to receive a booking form. Or email  on 

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Forthcoming Events:

Transforming Dialogue Course :  November 16-18 , and in 2019 : 1-3 February,  April 12-14, 5-7 July 

An ongoing  Course in Transformational Psychology using Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves as the main tool.

The training is suitable for counsellors, trainers and other professionals wishing to enhance their skills through experiential exploration of this work.

Explore this direct and elegant method and deepen your experience of both power and vulnerability. The work will be mainly experiential using the concepts of the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego as developed by Hal and Sidra Stone. The weekend in November is also an Introduction to the Transforming  Dialogue course.

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue helps you to get to know and experience all the different aspects of yourself, the different inner voices, by entering into dialogue with them. It is a method based on the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego as developed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone. The aim is to become more conscious of which inner voices or selves are active inside us, selves which often rule our daily life without our knowledge. By becoming aware of them we can develop more freedom of choice.

We get to know these inner voices by experiencing the energy and body feeling belonging to each of them, and by listening to what they have to say. The inner critic, the pusher, the controller or inner parent and the vulnerable child are examples of different selves which have their own history, feelings and connection to the body. The relationship and balance of power between them determines to a large extent how we function in daily life.


An enormously inspiring method, Pesso is body orientated, individual psychotherapy which takes place in a group setting, working in a deep experiential way to bring more pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness to your life.

 Systemic work with constellations: Movement of the Soul

Peter and Trilby have developed their own compassionate style in the systemic work as developed by Bert Hellinger, integrating his work with Family Constellations with Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves.

Hellinger developed the systemic work by examining the hidden dynamics of family ties and observing what actually makes love flow within the family system. It involves deep energetic work in interaction with others on a soul level. We use this method to help free ourselves from deep inner entanglements  by working with the unconscious negative patterns or counterforces that often dominate our lives.

By choosing representatives and positioning them in the space you constellate your inner world or your family situation. This enables you to experience the situation in depth in a direct way and see what is actually happening on a soul level, underneath the unconscious patterns.

An inner constellation can for example help to clarify the way in which an inner critic uses judgments originating from the family of origin having a crippling effect on the life force and freedom of movement  of the more spontaneous and creative parts such as the inner child.

In a family constellation we work with the family of origin or the present family and constellate whatever aspect underlies the current problem or entanglement. The family is a system and you are part of that system whether you like it or not. Important events in your family history often rule your life without your knowing. By constellating the system these hidden dynamics become visible.

Doing a constellation helps to create space for awareness and healing. It gives your soul a gentle nudge in the right direction and allows you to move on.

There are many ways to move in the right direction. The constellation work does this in depth in an elegant and direct way. Your feelings can move freely, there is an intense healing for body, mind and spirit. Hence, movement of the soul…