Who will it benefit?

Our work is effective for most people. We offer individual support and coaching and also courses and training for groups. Because we are all identified to some extend to habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Our work will help you to gain more freedom of choice and more awareness. This is different from getting rid of your problems. It is much more helping you to acknowledge the reality of your life and in doing so making you feel alive. You transform the way you experience whatever happens to you.

Transforming Dialogue uses the mind as well as the feelings. In the work we are looking for a balance in using your power and having access to your vulnerability. We feel connected to ways of working where energetics are involved, we use mindfullness, work in the here and now, we are trained in systemic ways of working, and in stead of breaking your resistance, we will help you to accept who you really are.
The work is suitable for professionals to enhance their skills and also for people who are looking for a personal development.
In general you could say that it is necessary to be willing to take responsability for your own actions.
Peter and Trilby are more and more fascinated by how using Voice Dialogue to work with inner voices can be linked back to the family system and then used to help heal childhood deprivation and trauma. To enable this to happen they have developed the energetic aspect of the Voice Dialogue method to a deeper and more symbolic level.

Together with their staff they run different courses and trainings around specific themes associated with the work. They are especially interested in energy work, family systems and their effect on inner voices and psychopathology, and dreamwork.

Transforming Dialogue creates trainings on request for groups interested in exploring a particular aspect of the work.

If you are not sure if the way of working will suit you then it is best to find out in making an appointment for a try-out.